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First China International Import Expo Attracts Worldwide Attention as Anticipation Builds

(Yicai Global) March 1 — The world’s economy is undergoing deep adjustments and economic globalization has encountered twists and turns in recent times. The international community has a strong desire to expand the Chinese market and seize the country’s fast development opportunities. Since China announced plans last year to hold the China International Import Expo from 2018, the international community has responded positively and anticipation is building.

Some 165 countries and regions have designated 197 exhibition preparation agencies, specifically responsible for the participation of their own country’s or region’s businesses. Interest in the expo has gone beyond expectations with exhibition booth space going like “hot cakes” among foreign businesses.

Governments of all countries have paid close attention to the import expo and think that event is conducive to promoting enterprises’ exports to China and promoting the balanced development of bilateral trade. It is also of great significance to promoting economic globalization and trade liberalization.

The French government said it will send senior officials and a large corporate delegation to attend the show. The Russian ministry of trade and industry said that the Russian government has set up a special committee to coordinate the exhibition matters., while the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy said that Germany will actively promote the use of import expo platform for enterprises to showcase their superior products and services. The country believes that the economic and trade cooperation between Germany and China will release more impetus as the Chinese market expands and opens.

The Egyptian minister of trade and industry said it would exhibit its best products at the fair. In addition, representatives from the Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Spain have made an inspection.

Many business exhibitors are full of expectation about the import expo. They think that it is an important platform to showcase their corporate image, exchange industry information and carry out pragmatic cooperation as the fair will gather a great number of companies, products, information and visitors. It is also an important channel to expand their presence in the Chinese market and seize market opportunities.

Up to now, thousands of enterprises in over 120 countries and regions, including nearly one hundred Fortune 500 companies and leading firms from various industries have signed up for the show. Some of them have signed letters of intent for exhibitions and have paid deposits.

Many exhibitors have applied to increase their exhibition area size many times over and upped their budgets. Some enterprises intend to relocate their important international events planned in their home countries to the import expo and aim to expand both reputation and influence through the event.

The first China International Import Expo is a major initiative to open its market to the world, and fully reflects China’s sincerity as a major country. China wants outstanding foreign enterprises, advanced technology, products and services to enter the Chinese market and share the fruits of China’s reform and opening up through the event.

Up to now, thousands of enterprises in over 120 countries and regions, including nearly one hundred Fortune 500 companies and leading firms from various industries have signed up for the show.

Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG and Nestlé SA have expressed their strong desire to take part.

BMW Group is also studying and formulating its exhibition theme and program, hoping to present its best-featured exhibits to the industry.

The world’s leading maker of industrial robots Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. hopes to showcase its state-of-the-art robotics and products through the import expo.

Dell Inc. will showcase its world’s leading innovations and total solutions in the smart and high-end equipment exhibition zone.

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