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Second edition of CIIE to be bigger, better and more immersive

The second China International Import Expo is expected to display high-end consumer goods, establish a unified “product debut” area, and have interactive modules that will provide visitors a more immersive exhibition experience.

These are just some of the new features that will be introduced this year to raise the exhibition’s scale and quality.

In the second edition the Business Exhibition area will be expanded to 300,000 square meters, up from the previous 270,000 square meters.

In light of the growing Chinese economy and the upgrade in consumption behavior, the event will also showcase high-end consumer products, augmented reality and virtual reality merchandise, elderly care-related goods. Additional outdoor space will be catered for automobile and mechanical equipment displays.

New products, technologies and services will be launched through a new unified channel this year, making the CIIE the premiere stage for unveiling cutting-edge technologies and applications.

An outdoor experience zone will also be added this year, featuring activities like unmanned driving experiences, to forge a stronger connection between merchants and prospective buyers.

China Pavilion will highlight the achievements and opportunities of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This will be realized through a string of events, from policy interpretation, research finding releases to cultural performances.

The theme for this year’s CIIE is ‘Smart+’. We want to bring our latest solutions on smart city, smart healthcare and smart finance,”

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