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Shanghai mayor talks about significance of CIIE

Shanghai must make full use of the China International Import Exhibition (CIIE), the first in the country’s history, as an opportunity to promote an open economy of higher standards, said Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong.

The exhibition, which will be held in November, aims at accelerating Shanghai’s development as an international center for trade and consumption, said Ying during a news conference following the conclusion of the first session of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress on Monday afternoon.

“We hope to brand Shanghai as the destination of choice for shopping through the exhibition, as well as contribute to the national initiative of promoting an open economy of higher standards,” he said.

Ying said last year that a national-level preparatory committee of the exhibition was already established and that the Ministry of Commerce established a CIIE bureau in Shanghai. The invitation of exhibitors and vendors was already in progress.

Ying also said at the news conference that the municipal government has full confidence in Shanghai’s economic development for 2018.

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